©2018 Nick Mazuk.


Across Lots plays with many of the standard tropes of western films. By “western” I mean the cowboy type and not European-American “western”.


Of these tropes, you’ll hear the classic fast, slow, fast structure, bountiful syncopation, quartal/quintal harmony, lot’s of rhythmic drive, and of course, classic “galloping” rhythms.


As for the title, it comes from western slang and means “the fastest way possible, in the most expeditious manner”. So like galloping horses, this piece carries a fast tempo.


However, when guessing what the title meant, one fellow trombone player suggested the ending of Blazing Saddles where the entire cast gallops across the studio backlots.


And on that note, enjoy the work.


Listen: https://youtu.be/DoCPU4ZOeq8

Duration: 6 minutes

Across Lots

  • Score

    Conductor Score

    All Parts (Trombone 1-6, Bass Trombone 1-2)