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What Makes a Good Engraving?



  • The music should be notated such that it is easy to read. It should follow the Norton Manual of Music Notation.

  • There should not be any collisions.

  • Notations specific to a note should be closer to that note than a general notation (e.g. an articulation should be below a tempo change).

  • Dynamics should be aligned. Alignment is a general principle that can also be applied to 


  • Music should fill the page completely. There shouldn't be empty space because there isn't enough music or because the system is too short.

  • Each page of a part should have a similar number of systems on it.

  • The page should be used economically without feeling cramped.

Print Formatting

  • The final files for the score and each of the parts should be divisible by 4 if it is more than 4 pages. Imagine creating a booklet out of folded pieces of paper. There is each of the covers and the insides. Therefore, your music should be divisible by 4. You may need to include blank pages.

  • Parts should have good page turns. Parts that are 2 pages or less don't need to worry about this. A 3 page part should have decently long rests at the either page break. Parts 4 or more pages should have rests before or after every 2 page breaks.